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Work hard, master your trade, and one day you, too, may get to be the target in the pie-throwing booth at the Spring Carnival!

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When I started teaching in 1975, "cutting-edge technology" in the classroom meant opaque projectors, 8-millimeter loop movies, and ditto masters in green and red as well as purple. Today it includes wireless networks, streaming media, white boards, e-books, blogs, and a variety of devices.

In the spring of 2000, my student teacher spent hours online trying to find information and ideas to help her in the classroom. "Someone," I thought, "should put ideas teachers can use in one place online. It would save a lot of time searching."

That June, "someone" became me.

At Web English Teacher educators can take advantage of digital technology to share ideas and to benefit from the work of others. Beginning teachers can find guidance; experienced teachers can find inspiration. Think of it as the faculty library and faculty workroom on a global scale.

Because the most important part of teaching isn't the technology.

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