This is how they win

A former student recently finished college, passed her Praxis, and became a colleague at a school not too far from here. Friday evening she posted this on Facebook:

So I’m going to end tonight on a positive….. I just looked over the Acuity scores for my students for this acuity window and they all went up 5 or more points from the pre test to the post test!!! I am very, very proud of all the work they have done! STAR scores are looking similar also!!!

She is defining success — personally, professionally, and for her students — by their test scores.

And why shouldn’t she? Teaching to state standards began when she was in third grade. She¬† doesn’t remember a time when things were done any other way. Teaching to the test, she will say someday, was good enough for her. She will say she doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

The battle for public education is not just a war of ideologies; it’s also a war of attrition. As President Bush predicted, it will lead to some early retirements. The new teachers will accept the emphasis on standardized test scores as the norm.

This is how they win.

One thought on “This is how they win

  1. Carla,
    You state this so succinctly. I have often thought about this. I once expected that new teachers would have the energy and passion to change things for the better, but they are now coming into it without that prior knowledge. Also, thanks for the awesome newsletter and resources you put together.

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