You’ll get through.

“Third quarter slump” isn’t limited to sports. Teachers and students know it keenly. The school year feels unsatisfactory – too much paperwork, not enough success with students, a distinct lack of laughter. Days are too long; weekends, too short. The temptation to call in sick hits every morning just before or after the alarm goes off. We wonder if we could go into another line of work.

You’ll get through.

For some of us, this will be the last year of teaching, as frustration or economic reality or some other factor refuses to step aside. Most of us, however, will find a way to rekindle our energy: we’ll get more exercise. We’ll force ourselves to get more sleep. We’ll learn something new ourselves, and remember what it’s like for our students. We’ll watch in delight as our students do amazing things.

You’ll get through.

Third quarter slump hits to greater and lesser degrees every year. Watch for it in your colleagues and be supportive where you can. Watch for it in yourself and work around it. Remember that it’s temporary.

You’ll get through.

4 thoughts on “You’ll get through.

  1. Thank you for this. I am interning and praying to survive so that I can graduate this May. I have been told that I need to survive in order to thrive. I am trying to do this 🙂

    • Ms. J, we have all been there. Find what makes it fun, and you’ll be OK. It takes 5 years to make a teacher; just keep working at it! 🙂

  2. About this time of year, I channel my inner “little engine that could” and this helped fire the engine a little stronger.

  3. At 77 I’m out of the classroom, yet in another where I teach in log school 1790-1820. (School is very similiar to Abe Lincoln’s.) I love it, the way classes pour in falling for the way of “then”, their questions and excitment. In a couple days we’ll be laying out our plans for next year in the historical village. Need new knees; my body and mind both fail me at times. It takes me longer to do any and everything. Wondering if I can keep up. Am alone from past friends and family. “You’ll get through!” from you young’uns in our “business”! My family! Thank-you.

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