William Shakespeare, Richard II

For introductory, background and other resources, try Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Age. For links to other plays, try the Shakespeare Main Page.

"Analysis of Shakespeare's Sources for Richard II"

Discussion of the role of locations in the play.

M.C. Bard: Hip Hop and Shakespeare
In this lesson, students will compare lyrics from hip hop songs with monologues from Shakespeare's plays, and perform both for the class.

Richard II
Background and summary, guiding questions, extensive analysis, and suggestions for writing about the play, including possible writing prompts.

Richard II
Summary, extensive analysis, study questions and essay topics.

Richard II
Downloadable text of the play in multiple formats, including EPUB, Kindle, and plain text.

Richard II
Background information from the British Library.

www.Richard II
Students will use online resources in order to examine patterns of imagery in Richard II. By comparing these patterns to those of other Shakespeare plays, the students will draw conclusions about the different reasons Shakespeare uses imagery in the play.

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